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Introducing the Magic of Believing Collection - review notes and addenda

New Release - Claude M. Bristol's Magic of Believing Collection

New Release - Claude M. Bristol's Magic of Believing Collection

When T.N.T. -- It Rocks the Earth was first published, I imagined that it would be easily understood since I had written it simply. But as the years went by, some readers protested that it was too much in digest form. Others said they couldn't understand it.

I had assumed that most people knew something about the power of thought. I discovered that most people were vitally interested in the subject, but that it had to be fully explained. Finally, I undertook to write this book in words that anyone can understand -- and with the hope that it will help many to reach their goals in life.

I give you this science, in the confident knowledge that no matter how you use it, you will get results. But I do wish to repeat a warning given in my brochure: Never use it for harmful or evil purposes.

Since the beginning, there have been two great subtle forces in the world -- good and evil. Both are terrifically powerful in their respective scopes and cycles. The basic principle operating both is mind power -- massed mind power.

Sometimes evil appears to have the upper hand, and at other times good is at the controls. It is mind power that has built empires, and we have seen how it can be used to destroy them -- history has recorded the facts.

If you read this book reflectively, you will understand how the science can be used with terribly destructive force, as well as for good and constructive results. It is like many natural forces, such as water and fire, which are among men's greatest benefactors. Yet both can be hideously catastrophic, depending upon whether they are used for constructive or destructive purposes.

Therefore, take great care that you do not misuse the science of "Mind Stuff." I cannot emphasize this too strongly, for if you employ it for harmful or evil purposes, it will boomerang and destroy you just as it has others down through the centuries. These are not idle words, but solemn words of warning.

(From Chapter 1)

DON'T READ this book and expect your life to be the same.

This one book contains the secret behind "Think and Grow Rich", and other bestsellers' successes.

- It can tell you why you are or aren't successful.
- It can tell you why you are rich or poor.
- It can give you the reason why something you really want to change - isn't and won't.

But you have to read it, first.

As recommended by Earl Nightingale, this book has been long out of print and is now recovered and published just so you could change your life. Edited and formatted for easy reading, this classic is a must for anyone who seriously wants to improve some chronic condition - FOREVER.

Not for the faint-at-heart, this book contains techniques a hard-nosed police reporter dug up from a lifetime of work and study into the workings of the mind. Countless millions use these techniques - as a simple matter of daily living. You can, too.

Resolve any problems by changing your beliefs and thoughts.

The books and material in this book consist of:

TNT - It Rocks the Earth - first published 1932 (no renewal found on record) by Claude M. Bristol (d.  1951)

Magic of Believing Review Notes - original work under fair use provisions

Chapter 1 of The Law of Psychic Phenomenon, first published 1892 by Thomson Jay Hudson (d. 1903)

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